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How Do You Know If Your Electrical Wiring Is Safe?

Electrical fires are more often than not caused by faulty or poorly installed electrical wiring. It is advised that a thorough inspection of your electrical wiring is carried out at least every ten years in order to reduce this risk. There are four main warning signs that your electrical wiring may not be safe. If you notice any of these, it is time to contact a trained electrician.

Buzzing Noises

If your electrics are safe and functioning correctly, you should not be hearing any buzzing noises coming from them. A buzzing sound could mean frayed wires, or a loose connection is affecting the current. Do not attempt to investigate this yourself, call a trained electrician to inspect the outlet for faults.

The Smell Of Burning

Any burning smells in your home that can not be traced to a source could be cause for concern. If you detect a bitter or unpleasant burning smell, it is advised to switch your circuit breaker off and call an electrician. They will be able to check your wiring for faults that can pose a fire risk.

Flickering Or Dimming Lights

All lights will dim or flicker once in a while, which is rarely cause for concern. However, if your lights are flickering or dimming regularly it could indicate an issue that needs attention. Faulty electrical wiring, an overloaded circuit or a broken circuit breaker could be the cause.

Tripping fuses And Circuit Breaks

On the switchboard, you will find the main switch as well as fuses and circuit breaks. These are integral parts of protecting your electrical wiring from posing a risk. A fuse could blow, or a circuit breaker could trip if a circuit is overloaded with appliances. If there is no overload, then another issue may be causing the trips, and this will need attention from an electrician.

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