Electric Car Charging

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with the UK aiming to stop selling cars that use diesel or petrol by the year 2040, the electric car is looking to be the way forward for motorists. The demand for these vehicles is rising and the technology involved in them is becoming more advanced with every model, with a large variety of models available for both cars and vans. The prices of these electric vehicles are slowly decreasing as the sales increase and technology evolves, making it more affordable to turn to this environmentally friendly mode of transport.

At M&K Electrical we have the skills teamed with expert knowledge of the latest technologies to enable us to install electric vehicle chargers both professionally and cost effectively. We can install charging points for both commercial and domestic use, helping customers to contribute towards a healthier and safer planet. Our dedicated installation team will help to plan the installation process for your electric car charger and work around what best suits you, ensuring your needs are met and swift installation takes place with minimum disruption.

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, our team are at hand to install charging points in your location and the process is easier than you may think! Taking the leap and leaving diesel and petrol run vehicles behind will soon be the move that every household and business takes. Once installed, you are ready to welcome your electric vehicle safe in the knowledge that you have adequate charging facilities to hand. We are based in Hornchurch and provide our services to all surrounding areas.