Electrical Rewires

M&K Electrical and Data provide a professional electrical rewiring service to both residential and commercial buildings. Some of our recent electrical rewiring jobs have been done on luxury West London apartments and large detached properties with more than 20 rooms. Our expert electrical rewiring team provide rewiring services to properties of all sizes.

If your home’s electrical wiring has not been checked in the last ten years, then it is best to have it assessed. Our team can inspect your wiring and provide a fast, professional, hassle free and budget friendly rewiring service so you can relax knowing that your electoral wiring is safe and working well. Our team of fully trained electrical engineers are respectful and hardworking and will get all work done with minimal disruption.

We can replace and rewire sockets and fuse boxes, meeting all safety regulations at all times. Your entire home relies on your electrical wiring and your lighting, power outlets and applications will not work safely and efficiently without sound electrical wiring. Blown fuses and potentially more dangerous issues can arise from faulty wiring. Our electrical engineers use only the best materials to ensure you get long lasting, premium quality wiring for your property.

We are based in Hornchurch near Upminster but cover all surrounding areas.