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How To Manage In A Power Cut

Power cuts are an inconvenience that arise now and then, usually without warning. There are many reasons why the power in your property might go out, and a variety of issues that come with it. Some common causes of power loss are weather conditions, nearby workmen affecting cables or even some faulty wiring or faulty electrical equipment within your property. 

We have no real way of knowing when a power cut may occur. Here we look at some helpful tips on how to cope when faced with a power cut.

Light source – If the power cut happens during dark hours, it is best to use torches rather than candles for a source of light. Candles are fire hazards, and the chances of them being dropped or knocked over will increase in poor lit conditions. It is handy to have a few torches and a supply of batteries in a drawer for such occasions.

Electrical appliances – Make sure that all plug-in equipment is turned off. This will prevent them from coming on automatically when the power returns. Things such as hair straighteners and electric fires and cookers could be dangerous.

Electronic devices – Power cuts do not come with a set time limit. You should only be out of power for a short while, but in case of a lengthier power cut, it is best to ensure all mobiles, laptops and pads are turned on to a power-saving mode and only used when needed. This will save their battery life.

Leave a light on – It is a good idea to leave just one light on so you can see when the power has returned. A landing or hallway light is ideal.

Pets – If you have temperature-sensitive pets such as fish or reptiles, cover their housing with a blanket to retain as much heat as possible while their heat sources are not working.

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