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How To Know You A Dealing With A Qualified Electrician

You only have to turn to google or the yellow pages to see that electricians are everywhere. Most of these will be qualified, reliable and genuine electricians with a solid background in the industry. Unfortunately though, this isn’t always the case. Calling out an electrician isn’t cheap and often the work that is needed requires knowledge and skill due to the hazardous nature. Rogue electricians can not only scam you out of money, but they could potentially leave you with electrics that are dangerous. So how can you tell if you are in fact talking to a genuine, qualified electrician?

Ask for proof of registration / qualification

Be wary of any electrician that isn’t registered. It doesn’t always mean they do not know the trade, but it is always best to choose someone who is registered as this means they would have been checked by a government-approved scheme. You can check if an electrician is registered easily online. You can also ask for proof of qualification or their registration code, any experienced electrician will be happy to provide this information and will understand your reasons.

Be upfront and thorough

This should go both ways. You should be honest about your needs and expectations regarding the details and time frame of the work you require. It is best to make a list of all questions you have and put these to your electrician before any work has started. This way you can both be clear on what you expect. A genuine electrician will give you a thorough walk through on the work they plan to carry out and what they need with regards to space and time, as well as any potential disruptions or lack of power that may be involved. If the electrician seems at all awkward or unwilling when answering your questions, you should see this as a warning sign.

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