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Keep safe while at home

During lockdown we may be working from home, the children will be on their computers/laptops/devices and home cooking is definitely on the up. With all this electricity circulating at home more than ever now, it’s advisable to ensure your electrics are safe and no harm can come from using them.

Overloaded sockets

Don’t take risks with overloaded sockets and extension leads. Daisy chaining is also very dangerous when it comes to safety. Daisy-chaining is when multiple devices are wired/linked together in a circuit, sequence or ring. Overloading and daisy chaining cause sockets to overheat and catch fire. If your extension lead or multiple plug socket is at full capacity then move your device to a nearby available plug socket. It may not be the easiest option but it’s the safest.

Charge on a safe surface

We might not think that charging on a soft surface, such as bed, could be dangerous, but here’s where we ask people to think again. If a device was to overheat whilst charging on a soft surface it can catch fire and could spread easily and quickly. Charging on a hard/flat surface should be done every time as a precaution.

Cheap chargers/leads/electrical goods

It’s tempting to buy cheaper leads to charge phones and devices but the key thing to remember here is that they are not always manufactured to regular safety standards. Counterfeit parts or substandard elements could be used if it’s cheap. ‘You get what you pay for’ springs to mind, but at the price of you or your family’s safety, it really isn’t worth it.

Keep a watchful eye

Cooking at home will be something we all have to do more of now we’re on lockdown. Stay safe and never leave hot fat or oil cooking unsupervised. Food under grills can easily catch fire too. Leaving unattended food while it’s cooking on the hob is one of the top causes of fires in the home. So keep a watchful eye, cook safe and stay safe.

We wish everybody a safe lockdown and if you wish to contact us please call 01708 606077 / 07545 370597 or email:

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